something profound to say

Oh how I wish I had something profound to say. Something to share that would speak to your heart. Bring comfort, clarity or perhaps healing. I'd love to share all the neat little nuggets that I am learning. I want to be able to share some special scripture that popped out at me during my quiet time.

There's nothing.

I have nothing.

The reason is simple. I'm not spending my time wisely. I'm not spending much, if any real time in God's Word. I'm not praying like I should be. I'm not praising like I should be. I'm not worshiping like I should be.

I'd rather read a book then read the Bible. I would rather watch crap on TV then listen to a worship CD.

I'd like to close my eyes to things rather then call it out. I'd rather surf the web, clean a bathroom or find some other way to occupy my time then do what I should be doing.

Yet, despite my attitude, God is faithful. He keeps calling me into His presence. He keeps reminding me that He has called me to write. He has called me to a ministry. He has sparked something in my heart that He will not let go.

I'm humbled that even though I am feeling blah about things He still chooses me. He still wants me to minister to people. He wants me to bring His message to people.

Now my job is to go out and do it. I need to stop hoping and wishing and actually start doing. God has given me enough time each day to accomplish the day's things. I need to be wise and discerning. I should be concerning myself with the things of the Lord and not Facebook.

I should stop talking about it and start doing it. It's not hard.

Really it's not.

The problem is that my flesh is undisciplined. Lazy really.

That needs to change.

Today I will finish strong. Tomorrow I shall rise up and do what is needed to be done for that day.


Alicia said...

My flesh is lazy and undisciplined too, sigh.

I love your perspective on things do you mind if I drop by and leave some comments?

God bless!

Sarah A. said...

Hey! I am in your shoes- especially sharing the sentiments of reading a book instead of the Bible. And if Mayah didn't insist that we listen to the "Jesus Station" in the car, I would not have much exposure to worship music either right now.

There are hills and valleys in my walk with Christ. I am thankful that He is patient with me!

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