Taking a break

Today is Friday. It's been rainy and cold for about a week now. We've endured lessons for about 5 or so weeks. Football every evening and all day on Saturdays. We've only lightened our school work a bit when everyone was snotty, cranky, coughy and achy.

So today we are taking a day of rest.

Sure there are things that still need to be done. Like laundry and phone calls. Dishes and dinner.

But today the boys are going to just relax. Their watching movies from the library. Their playing the PS2.

I'm going to use this time to recharge my own batteries. I've straightened the house and folded the laundry. Made the phone calls and organized my thoughts a bit.

I'm going to catch up on my Bible Study and my own fictional library book. I haven't "graded" the boys work so I'm going to go through that and make sure their independent work is done well.

Even though it's rainy and cold today I'm still going to clean out my van. It stinks in there. Must be some wet dirty socks somewhere under a seat. LOL

Today I'm going to laugh quickly and move slowly. Give a ton of hugs and smooches.

I'm going to take a deep breath and bask in the Glory of my God. I'm going to revel in the fact that I am the mama of three great kids and the wife of an amazing man.

Enjoy your day everyone I know I am!


Sarah A. said...

We took a break yesterday (Monday) and it was so nice to just let the day ebb and flow naturally. I gave the kids a few structured things to do, like their music practice and reading, but they really enjoyed the break. I keep thinking "we should do this more often!" Of course, I parked my butt on the couch and read all day! :)

longge said...

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