Square peg in a round hole

So here I find myself, like I do every year, wondering what is wrong with me. Why can't I seem to love a very simple schedule of our day? Why do I question why I am homeschooling? It's not the children. I mean like most kids they don't always want to do lessons. They mumble a bit and take their time getting their pencils but overall they come to the table ready.

Where's Mom?

Mom is finding other things to do. Legitimate things mind you but stuff that could wait. In my quest to fill the blanks and be prepared for the day I lost the joy. The focus of what I was doing, where we are going and why I am doing this all lost to some ideal. Some one's idea of what my day should look like.

I have become bogged down with what I saw from other homeschooling families. School should start at such-n-such time. All core subjects should be done every day for 45 minutes. Your 10 year should be at this level and so on.

You really can drive yourself crazy with what Man thinks.

I was talking to a dear friend a week or so ago. We were discussing our homeschool days. She reminded me that I am an unschooler by nature. Kind of live with the attitude of 'You'll learn it when you need to know it.' That's not to say I don't feel you shouldn't be prepared. However unschooling is more about the natural flow of the day, the child. As we discussed my schedule that I prayed over and labored over that now I rebel against ...

She said "You are a square peg trying to fit in a round hole."

It's true. Hello, my name is Terri and I am a Christian Eclectic Unschooler who enjoys small Unit Studies/Lapbooks.

I'm okay with that. The boys are okay with that.

I have great resources this year. I have an amazing friend who has been very helpful. I've decided that there are things that should be accomplished every day. Like reading and math. But to say that we should always do it from 9 to noon is not realistic in our family. Some times "school" will not start until 10. Or perhaps character issues are more important then division for that day.

I know that I am to teach them daily. Teach them what exactly or for how long is dependent on the day. I have my guide lines and my ideas but all subject to the Lord's leading. I know my chief goal is to show my children Christ. Teach them to read and write and let them go from there.

I'm excited to see what our days are going to look like.


Sarah A. said...

My, what a wise friend! ;)
We must find the hole that fits our shape, we must not attempt to adapt our shape to fit the hole. ( I know how that could sound, but it is 2:30 in the am and I simply can't figure out a less risque way to phrase that!)

Love, Love, Love!

Maricar said...

How are things going now?

Bree said...

my friend...looking forward to you writing soon :) love ya!

myletterstoemily said...

i was just like that! some school days began at 6:00
am, because the oldest and i were both awake.

others started much later, because we just found
something much more interesting to do.

all of my five children have thrived and surpassed
their peers because of the confidence, creativity,
and curiosity fostered in the homeschool

having said that, if you are very unhappy doing
this, it may not be the best path for you. i had
many dear friends who just couldn't do it.

their kids are fine, too. :)

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