Hello there

I feel the need to write but not really sure what to say. I don't want to ramble on about nothing. I want to share something meaningful, something important. So I'm just going to share what comes to mind, share with where I am ...

I have never been more hurt yet healed.

I have never been more rejected yet chosen.

I have never failed so much yet am victorious.

Man has hurt me and rejected me. Man has failed me and I have failed Man. Yet, God is healing me. God has chosen me and because He lives in me, I am more then a conqueror!

One thing I am learning is that God truly is a Lamp unto our feet. He does not shine the sun on our path. I think this is the case because if I could see the whole path I would run ahead of Him. I know I would. I'd leave Him in the dust. So that is why I only have this much light. So that every footstep is dependent on Him.

Sometimes I entertain fear. Sometimes I wonder. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I am angry. But in all times I count it joy.

For this black and white girl I am learning to embrace the gray.
This tough as nails girl is learning how to cry.

It's not always easy to be here but I know I am where I need to be.