I just wanted to jump on here and share the adventure I'm having with the Lord. I find myself in tears some evenings, not because I'm sad but because I'm humbled. He is allowing me to do and see some things I never thought I could/would. I'm sure if I listed the things you might think "big deal" but to this girl - they're huge. It's simple things like having a job for two years. Have amazing boys that are starting to show some healing. Figure out before it's too late that I need to be checking my fluids on a regular basis. LOL

I've learned that I do have dreams. Pretty big ones actually. God has been teaching me that I am worthy. Never have I felt more loved by people. I have buried some scripture deep down in my marrow. My smile is brighter and not just because God blessed me with two new front teeth :) My spirit is lighter. I'm more forgiving and less legalistic. I laugh - a lot!

As I'm writing this, tears are just streaming down my face. I have never felt more alive and closer to Him. God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and I have been through some crazy times lately. I am blown away by His grace, mercy and love.

I'm learning to be meek and quiet. THAT is huge! lol That is something I started studying, whew, five years ago.

I still have no clue where we are going but boy am I enjoying the ride. The sights are amazing :) God has big plans for me and the boys. Sure - there are some bumps and pot holes. You bet there are mountains and valleys but MY GOD IS BIGGER.

Romans 8:31
What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

My God is mighty. My God is on the throne. I am a joint heir with Christ. I have been filled with The Holy Spirit. Watch out! lol


Anonymous said...

There is joy for the journey...blessings to you! Thank you for sharing.

Bree said...

to Him be the glory! Love to you my friend :)