A healing!

Well, I am just so blessed! My youngest woke up this morning about 3. He said his penis hurt when he pees. I asked him if it was just his pee pee or did his belly hurt too (I was thinking bladder but didn't think a 5 year old would understand). He said yes. I told him to bow his head that we were going to pray for a healing. That's what we did. I asked God to touch him, to take the bacteria away. I asked God to forgive me for not explaining to him how important it was (medically) to 'not hold it' when he had to go. He likes to keep doing what he is doing even if that means he pees his pants!
After the prayer he settled down. We both fell asleep but I woke up. My first thought went to the prayer for the healing. Unbelief came. I admitted to God that I was struggling with believing that God would heal him outright. Another words, healing him with out medicine. I have no reason to believe He wouldn't. He has healed me of a muscle disease and migraines with out medicine. My solution to my unbelief was to be honest with God and praise Him for the healing. I tossed and turned all night. Each time I woke I praised Him for the healing. I thanked Him for loving my boy more then I ever could.
This morning we all got up and started getting ready for church. I asked my son how he was feeling. He said "good". I said "When you go potty if it doesn't hurt say 'PRAISE GOD'." He said "Sure". Then unbelief came back and I quickly added "Tell me if it hurts." Then of course I felt bad for the unbelief and said to God, "Well, I need to know. He might not tell me."
About an hour went by and I realized that he had not told me he went potty. So I asked him about it. He replied with big eyes "I said PRAISE GOD!" To which I responded "So, it didn't hurt?" He said, "PRAISE GOD!" That's right little man of God, Praise God. So he has been healed. God is so good.
I am going to add this to my list of healings He has done for me and my family. Maybe one day the spirit of unbelief will not enter my home. Until then, I will continue to be honest with my Heavenly Father about my doubts and continue to be amazed by Him! GLORY!

Be encouraged, God is still in the Miracle business!


Lori and Jeremy West said...

Praise God! :)
-Lori :)

bree said...

How wonderful-He loves us more than we could even imagine! PRAISE GOD!