Will You Stop?!

My oldest boy has this habit of making an irritating noise. It could be a very loud hum. It could be a tapping noise. It could be screaming through the house. You name it, he does it. He'll do it for what seems like forever! I have to ask him to stop. He won't think to stop on his own. LOL
So today on the way to soccer he was tapping his foot on the chair. After a minute or so I said, in a loud tone, "Will you stop?!" He stopped. Then my spirit was quickened and my thoughts went to God. I wondered how often He looks at me and says the same thing! I know there are some 'habits' I have that just drive Him nuts (so to speak). I'm so thankful He is much kinder to me then perhaps I was to my boy. Next time he is doing something that is annoying I will let hime know gently.

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