Did you see Him today?

I was just wondering ...
Wondering if you saw God today. I did.

I saw Him in the bright sun,
I saw Him when my boys were having fun.

I saw Him land in the back yard,
I saw Him here and not far.

I saw Him in my husband's eyes,
I saw Him in the words of the wise.

I saw Him here all day long,
I saw Him gentle and I saw Him strong.

I saw Him laugh and I saw Him smile,
I saw Him enjoy my company for awhile.

I saw Him when I kissed them good night,
I saw Him in their rooms as they tuned out the light.

I see Him here with me as I sing,
Glory, Glory to my King.


bree said...

this is wonderful-you wrote it right? you should publish it:)

Terri said...

Awe! Thank you Bree. I did write it.