Going to the Beach

Today we are heading out to the beach. I'm so excited. I'm looking forward to the rest from the every day stuff. A couple that are in our life group won a week's stay at a beach house! We are staying from tonight to Friday night. Two days and two nights of the ocean. How wonderful. I know that I am going to walk away from this weekend vowing to visit the beach more this year. Which really is so easy because I live only about 25 minutes away! I just get stuck in my daily life. I become trapped with the ins and outs of my day that I forget to enjoy my day. I forget that with every load of laundry I am serving my family. With every wiped up spill I am sowing seeds into my little ones. With every pillow fight I am showing them excitement. With every smile, every hug, every laugh I am showing them that I am pleased with them.

I have this excited feeling in my spirit that I am going to walk away from this mini-vacation with some clarity, some understanding. To what I don't know. I know that I have been praying for some things like a scripture for my homeschool. One that speaks to just me and my kids. Perhaps He will talk to me about the women's group. Perhaps the life group that my husband and I lead. Perhaps my marriage. Perhaps my daily routine. Or perhaps, just maybe, He will talk to me about our relationship. Maybe He will lavish me with His love. Maybe off in the distance ... maybe in the middle of the wind blowing, I will hear His voice saying "You are a precious jewel to me. I love you."

I do know that we are going to relax and have fun. We are bringing some good board games, beach toys and of course our footballs! Yes, we have more then one football. :)

Well, I better finish getting us ready. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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