Good Day Sunshine

Today was a very good day.

Today was a good for my soul day.

Today I took the boys to the park. It was about 80*. Then we came home and they played with their neighborhood friend. They also bought, with their own money, some ice cream from the Ice Cream Truck. Of course they have informed me that they are now broke. :) Last weekend they bought a toy and today's ice cream has wiped them out. I understand that!

I love sunshine. I love fresh air. I'm so thankful that it is spring. Fall will always be my first love but spring is special too. Of course winter is great because of my birthday! Poor summer ... oh wait ... my hubby and my best friend's birthday is in the summer. Okay, summer is wonderful too. :)

Right now my husband is on his way home. My kids are in the living room singing some silly song. I'm writing to you. It reminds me of a song from the 90s by Arrested Development. The song is a remake of Every Day People. The lyric that is playing over in my mind is:
"The day was going great and my soul is at ease"

It is an overwhelming calm feeling to have your soul at ease.

There is something on my heart though. But I am keeping that at God's feet. He loves this little person more then anything and I know that God is moving. The Holy Spirit is ministering to everyone involved. IF you think about it, please lift this up. God knows who I am talking about. :)

Enjoy your day!

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