What a meeting!

Last night we had such an amazing meeting. So many treasures were shared. It was a blessing.

Only 4 of us came. It was funny because it was the 4 that I always viewed as the core group. So it was no surprise to me that after we had great fellowship we got down to business. Let me just say that the fellowship was awesome. We laughed and (almost) cried. Not to mention the food! YUMMY!

So here is what we have decided about our group. We are not really a Titus 2 group. Another words, we are not going to pair up women and do a mentoring, one on one, thing. We are, however, going to have women of all ages in the group. We all do learn from one another. We will use a book as our tool and the Holy Spirit as our guide.

The book we have chosen is "A Women After God's Own Heart." by Elizabeth George.

The new name of our group is "Seasons of the Married Woman."

I'm over joyed! I know that there are hungry gals out there. I know that we have things we are dealing with. *Note to Laura, I did not say issues* I know that some of us are in need of some healing! I know that God is going to be moving in our lives! Glory!

Well, I better get going. I need to research the price of the workbooks. :)

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