It's almost time to test the boys for the school year. I think that this may just be the first year that I am not anxious. In March I started, like most homeschooling moms, thinking about next year. Those thoughts brought up all the failures of this year. "We should be here", or "He should be doing this", and my favorite, "I don't think I should be doing this (homeschool), I'm not even doing it right!" While I was thinking about it all God did provide me with some great curriculum for next year. It basically fell into my lap. That's how we (God and I) work. He gives me the idea and then is very faithful to make sure I do not loose heart. So I now have next years bulk curriculum. Isn't that wonderful? Do you know what my great idea was? It was to start it this year! HA-HA! Why not?! In all my excitement I just couldn't help it. But things happened. Our family became sick. David had a bunch of doctor visits and tests. Heck, even Bo went to the doctor. So our homeschooling was life lesson oriented that week. "Okay, okay next week Lord. This will be so wonderful. You are awesome God! Thanks for the curriculum and peace of mind!" Then I looked at my schedule. "That's right! Spring break! We have our friends' little boy for the week while they are visiting their daughter. That is going to be so fun for my boys!" So, I didn't teach this week. There went another week of not doing my cool curriculum. Meanwhile God has had my precious friends post on their blogs all about homeschooling and children. He has been talking to me about this being His will (homeschool) for us, these are His boys, while I was thinking about my cool new curriculum that's meant for next year. Not only that but our direction of interests have gone to King Arthur, Merlin, Tiepolo and Aristotle. So, today while I was thanking God for such a beautiful week. Thanking Him for a wonderful afternoon of sunshine I heard Him say "Read to them, snuggle up with them, find books from the library that tinkle their imagination." A wave of peace came over me. "Yes, Lord ... You are so right." Looking back over the last 3 or 4 months He has been drawing my attention to the fact that He wants me to read to them more. He wants me to lay down my desire to do my thing and spend time with them reading. Reading scripture, reading novels, reading poetry, reading silly 4 chapter books. He just wants me to READ TO THEM! So, that is what I am going to do. I am going to read to them. I am beyond thankful that we serve a Mighty God who wants to have fellowship with us. He truly is my best friend!

BTW ... check out my girl friend Lisa's blog. She has become a special cyber sista to me. You'll find it in my special stash on the right. Click on Coffee and a View. Please read the blog she highlights in her entry. That is an awesome post too.

My school year will end like this ... However my Lord wants it to! Then come August I will think of next year. Yes, August! I heard all you homeschool mamas gasp. :)


Missbox said...

Reading to our kids is the best thing we can do for them. Especially when we read "living books" (as Charlotte Mason calls them); they are exposed to so much more than new vocabulary words. Good for you, Darlin'!

Terri said...

Thanks Sarah! I'm really excited to see what happens, how this blesses us.