Today was great. Despite the fact that my oldest boy has an ear infection and my middle boy broke down in the middle of math! Just minor details, really.

I did what I said I was going to do. I read to the boys. We read three chapters of a great book today. Then we moved onto math. The problem with math was that they were all doing it at once. My middle one needs to have full attention and quietness. Especially since his headaches started. Which he now wears glasses but we have lost them already. :( Basically though that just means I haven't looked for them. The other two did their math while Daddy took over the math lesson. So, I know better for tomorrow. Plus we won't have a doctor appointment in the middle of the day things should run a little smoother.

Today was great though. The boys didn't fight. We laughed through out the day and had a good time. It was so windy today that hubby stayed home, so that was nice. Even though Matthew has an ear infection it was his 9 year old check up, perfect timing. Which, all is well. His hearing is great, eyes are 20/20 and growing great.

I'm actually excited about tomorrow! Even though I have an enormous pile of laundry to deal with ...

Oh, and the boys and I came up with some chores for them. See, I usually just ask them to do stuff and they do it. But I think I would like to have a schedule of things. So we talked about that today. They were so excited about it! I was shocked. Each one had ideas. It was fun. So, now it is up to me to make sure we stick to it! God has truly blessed me with some great boys. They are so eager to work and do what is right. I'm the mess, the slacker! But God is going to help me with that. GLORY!

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Laura said...

Excited about laundry? What gives?!?!? :-)