Virginia Tech is a special school to our family. Even though we, my husband and I, never attended Tech. We didn't go to any college but that is besides the point. :)

Why do we love Tech so much? First it started with the BEST football team ever! Then it graduated (no pun intended) to the school because of the school's attitude. We are proud to call ourselves Hookie fans. This massacre is just our point. The students and faculty WANT to stay with each other.

Our hearts are grieved by what has happened. Sadden but not shocked. Please keep everyone, the school and our nation, in prayer. My discernment is telling me that this will not be the last.

We are living in wicked times. Lets use this to show God's grace and mercy. Now is not the time for all the Monday Morning Quarter Backs! Yes, we can learn from this in regards to notification perhaps but we move into a dangerous position when we start to judge. Lets be careful to express our 'thoughts' with others. I don't want the debate over how and when to notify people to over shadow the sinfulness and evil of the world. Lets be mindful to guide people to our Saviour. Another words, stay away from the bandwagons that are driving by! Lets be radical Christians who show God's love in all things. Not Christians who sit in judgement of all things.


Sarah said...

I am sick over this too. Not because I love Virginia Tech so much, but because it's 32 families that have lost someone.

Have you heard about the Israeli Professor who used his body to block the door so all of his students could escape? He died, of course, but he heroically saved the lives of every student in his class. Who says chivalry is dead?

Terri said...

You are so right Sarah. I'm not sadden that it was "VA Tech". Any college would have hurt my heart. It was just a shock that it happened in a place I have watched every Saturday during football season, a place where Bo and I have actually gone to. We walked around before the game we were able to attend. I remember the rumble in my stomach when we shouted the Hokie Pride Cheer. It sickens me that families have lost precious family members. I can't not even imagine what is going on in their spirits right now. With that being said ... that's where my comment about Tech came in.

Yes, I did hear about the professor. It's always a warm feeling to see true human love/kindness in action. I often say to myself that I want to pocess that trait in a crisis.