We went to the library today. We spent about 2 hours, it was great. The boys took turns on the computer playing games while I sat and read some small books to the other boys.

Our major book selection was on Big Cats like tigers, leopards, ocelots, etc. Then we got some books on dogs because Grandma was interested in the different breeds. Then each boy picked out two books of their own choice. I also got a book! :) I'm a bit tired of reading parenting and/or homeschool books. I tried ready one book that I found in a box in my garage but it's very worldly. I'm just not getting into it. So I hit "Christian fiction" on the library search page. I decided on the book White Chocolate Moments by Lori Wick.

It's a cute story, at least to me, why I picked this book. After we were done in the kids section we moved into the fiction section. I was looking for one of the three books I had settled on. Matthew came up and asked how I looked for the books I wanted. So basically I showed him the Dewey Decimal system. He actually found it first! I bet this book is going to be awesome. :)

Well, I wanted to share about our day.

David is doing MUCH better with math and his new glasses. Glory!

This whole reading thing has really touched something in Matthew. He was real careful in his selections of 'his' books. It was sweet watching him.

Ryan is going steady with his stuff. He is really enjoying the reading time. He has been in first grade math since the end of February which just tickles him. He is going to be 6 soon. I can't believe how he is changing.

Tonight during dinner we played Clue DVD. Bo made dinner AND he won! This day has been great!

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