Today is Thursday. We have been doing the school work that God wants us to do. It has been amazing! Simply amazing. We are reading on average 7 chapters a day. In two days we finished one book. I think the gals at the library think I am a new hire!

It is just funny to me how I have changed in the last few months. I went from knowing that I should be going to the library for our stuff to going every other day. What is great too is that you can put stuff on hold online and they call you to let you know they have it!! That's great for when I am surfing the web and find a book I'd like to look at. I hit the library web page and order it. It's wonderful. I can't believe I have went this long without doing that kind of stuff.

I know why it has taken me this long. God needed to clean out my heart and mind. I had to learn how to show love, how to receive love, how to be calm and relax. How not to live in anger. I had to learn how to not return to anger. All that came from the forgiveness of God, the healing of Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Glory!

Yesterday the boys spent the afternoon with my mom. I went grocery shopping and decided to get started on that huge load of laundry. The house was quiet. As I folded the clothes I began to pray for each of my children. I asked God to protect them and bless them. To show Himself mighty to them. I asked that He would help me in directing them in life. I prayed that I would show them an accurate picture of who He is. Who they are in Him. Then I prayed about school. I thanked God for this amazing opportunity I have to school them at home. I thanked Him for being kind and gentle to me as I discern His will for our days. Then my mind turned to what we should be doing during the day. Like maybe I should add some grammar worksheets. Or maybe science and history, we haven't done that in awhile, or maybe ...
Then a quiet voice said "ssshhhh" I stopped folding and just stood there. I didn't hear Him speak in my ears but in my spirit. He continued with "All I have asked you to do this week is read to them and math." My heart sunk. Here I was going to go again, chasing my tail. Spinning my wheels because I just couldn't be content in doing what was working for a whole week! Just five days. I quickly repented. The Lord and I agreed that on Sunday when I sat down to map out the next week that He and He alone would plan it out. I'll write it down though. :)

I have had so much consistent peace about our school week. Even though I had my little jump ahead moment I know that if I do what I have been called to do God will do the rest. He has to, He has to. After all they are His mighty warriors and joint heirs with Christ.

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Anonymous said...

your post made me cry because i'm right in the middle of trying to go ahead of God and figure everything out on my own. you always bring me back to His word. John 3:30, "more of you Jesus, less of me"