My Dad

After many years of battling various cancers and other medical issues it has come down to this ... My dad was told yesterday that he has one year left, give or take a few months.

I'm O.K. I truly am. My faith in Jesus has secured me. I know that this is all part of having these 'tents'. I have also prepared myself and my boys over the years that Grandpa in Florida may die before we would want him to.

My only pain in my heart is that he doesn't know Jesus. He doesn't even accept that there is a God much less a Saviour that died on a cross and rose again. I sit here with a lump in my throat because I know where he will spend eternity if he doesn't call upon the name of the Lord. My heart also aches because I know that in all this he has had unnecessary fears. Fears that the perfect love of Christ would have drove out.

My mind turns to my family. My extended family. Please pray for (it's a list :) ):
1. My Dad's Salvation
2. My Step-mom Annabelle ... everything
3. My sister Mickie and her family ... they live there.
4. My sister Tammy and her family ... they live far away like us.
5. My brother Billy ... He and my dad have never made peace
6. My sister Sandy ... they haven't made peace either, that I know of.
7. My Aunt Helen and Uncle Randy. They are 81 and 82 yrs old. She is my dad's oldest sister. When my dad passes, she will be the last living of 4 kids. She is the oldest, my dad is the baby.
8. My mom ... I don't know but it can't because easy when the father of your child is dieing. Even if you've been divorced for 27 years. I am my mom's only child.
9. My boys ... they have been to my aunt's funeral (mom's sister) but they didn't know her. Being that it's Grandpa in Florida ... might be hard on them.
10. Me ... I tend to be very black and white. I tend to view things very spiritually. I don't want to offend anyone but I do what to stay true to who I am and the personality God gave me. However, I want to have the compassion for those left behind. The ones searching for answers. I want to gently point them to Christ. Pray that I am slow to speak and say ALL things in love.
11. Miracle ... God could completely heal him. I always choose that belief over any doctor report.

Thank you for partnering with me. My heart's desire is to see my dad saved. To know that he found Him! I also pray that this all brings my extended family to Christ. A deeper love for Christ. I believe that until my dad takes his last breath it's up to me to stand in the gap. Thank you for standing with me.

I will update y'all from time to time as I learn things. Most likely more prayer requests will be posted. Thank you for your faithfulness.


Sarah said...

I will stand in the gap with you, my friend. Remember: There is no one who wants your dad to be saved more than Christ himself. Keep on sewing those seeds.

Anonymous said...

I guess the timing isn't perfect for this "award" - but I nominated you - it may end up being some silly blog thing, but I believe the intentions behind it are good. With all that said, I've nominated you - thank you for always sharing your heart, for being real, and for your sisterhood in Christ! Follow the link below if you want to add the "Thinking Blog" award logo onto your site :)


Terri said...

Lisa! That was so sweet of you. I'm honored that you would think that. I will probably be "thinking" a lot more now. :) I've realized with the news of my dad that Christ and I have may have some new things to talk about. But new is exciting, going around and around the same mountain is not!