Flowers in My Garden

Today was a great, relaxing day. Bo had off because of the rain so we made a day of it. We ran some errands and had lunch. While out we decided to hit the Home Depot to get some stuff for our new house. We bought some high traffic grass seed, some turf builder with crab grass blocker stuff (you can see that it's clearly my expertise!) and we got FLOWERS! We also bought some stuff to help with my garden, some weed blocker thing you put in the garden (again, my area! lol). I bought some bulbs to plant now for summer and then we got some annuals. Pretty pink, white and my favorite purple! Each boy picked out one annual that was 'his'. We are going to do a stone hedge for the garden. We have already picked it out but since we had the van Bo will go back tomorrow to actually buy it. He'll bring his pick-up truck. I'm so happy. This is just wonderful. It will give our house such great curb appeal. I'm a bit nervous because this is the first time I have ever gardened, if that is even the word. :) But I figure this ... some flowers may die. It's a part of life. I'm okay with that. :) I can't wait to plant some tulips but I have to wait until fall. Oh and I love mums too, those are fall flowers too. It looks like we will have some color through out the year. That is wonderful. We are also talking about doing something around our mailbox. Well, I just wanted to share about my new upcoming garden. I'm so excited!

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Sarah said...

What fun! The extent of my "gardening" seems to be buying flowers and putting them in pots. I can't make seeds sprout. I'm sure you will be better at it then me! Good luck!