Update on my Dad

I called my Dad today. No one answered the phone. I left a message letting everyone know that I love each one very much. I then called my sister's cell. I know that they are moving sometime this month. I thought maybe they had already moved in but she updated me on the house. They have about two more weeks. Just waiting on the some septic stuff and a couple more inspections. I'm happy for them.

Our conversation turned to Dad and Annabelle. Mickie said that Annabelle is not doing well. She walks around in a zombie mode. Annabelle is not eating much and not sleeping well. Annabelle wakes up, eats a little bit and then is off to the hospital until she comes home around 10 at night. Her doctor prescribe her a very low dose anti-depressant but she won't take it. Mick has tried to convince to take them but she refuses. Mick is also concerned because Annabelle refuses to get anything in order. My Dad's will is not finished. The house is in both their names. Annabelle hasn't notified Dad's disability office or Social Security office. It could take up to a year before Annabelle would start receiving benefits once Dad passes. She refuses to get the paperwork started. I understand why. It would be so unbelievably hard to deal with. One of the many things I learned from my aunt's death is that it is really hard to prove someone is dead. You would think a death certificate would be proof enough. It's not. The main reason it was difficult with my aunt was she had no will. So although I know it's pain beyond belief ... It still is so necessary.

Okay, now as far as my Dad goes ...
He was going in for his treatments. Of course when he got home he was a wreck. He couldn't keep anything down. On Tuesday of last week, May 8th, he went in for a treatment and vomited right afterwards. This alarmed the doctors. So they kept him over night. He continued to vomit and have a really hard time. After some tests they found out that he has two blood infections, cancer in his pelvis and cancer in his lower spine. Mick doesn't think he will come home. As far as I know they are still giving him the treatments per Dad's request.

Mickie told me that Dad did get my letter. She said that Annabelle read it to him because he is too weak. Remember my vision?! Anyway, she said that Annabelle cried while she read it. When she was finished she sobbed. Mickie then left the room so that Dad and Annabelle could talk. She doesn't know what my Dad said, if anything.

There is where we are. Bo and I are planning to go at the end of August. We are, however, on stand-by. God is in control.

Please continue to pray for everything. Please keep them all lifted up!
Thank You Mighty Prayer Warriors!!

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