So Good!

I have just finished my second book by Lori Wick. Her books are so good.

You know you are involved way to much in the characters when you pray for them! Yes, yes I did. Something happened in the story line. It shocked me. Later yesterday morning I said to God "Lord please make everything come out alright for Jackie and Clay." I then realized what I said! I apologized to the Lord for praying for people in a fictional book! I'm sure He was quite amused with me.

Needless to say I read like 8 chapters yesterday alone, just trying to find out what happens. I was not disappointed!

God has really given me back my love of reading. I did loose it for a long time. My dreams of writing are back. My dreams of ministering to people are back. God and I are in a sweet place. I am humbled and overjoyed by our relationship. He has made me glad ... O He has made me glad.

Back to the book. I HIGHLY recommend any book by Lori Wick. I have only read two. One was a standalone and one is the first book in a series. She has 7 series and a number of standalone ... 32 books in all.

I'm off to the library to get another book!

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