Online picture album

Well, I think I am getting there! My cell phone provider allows me to have a free picture and blog website thru them. I tried posting some pictures but I would receive 'error' majority of the time. But this morning ... every picture I have sent has gone thru. Yeah!

I must stop after about 5 pictures because I have to do some lessons. :) I asked God this morning to help me prioritize my day. He spoke to my heart this:

1. Lessons

2. Laundry

3. Hair cuts for the boys

4. Life Group

So I am staying on task. While the boys were eating breakfast, I started laundry. When I came down stairs I noticed that they were playing so nice with Ryan's new (for his B-day) Lego toys. So I am giving them an hour. During this hour I am sending pictures and blogging. :) At 11 we are hitting the books.

Boy has God been talking to me this weekend! I'll have to tell you about that later.

So, my whole point to this particular post is ... if you want to see some pictures let me know!

I'll send you an invite.

Have a great Monday! We'll talk later.


Sarah said...

I want to see pictures!!!

Terri said...

LOL invite should be in your inbox shortly ...

bree said...

invite please:)

Terri said...

You got it girl!

Anonymous said...

me, me!

Terri said...

Be patient ... there seems to be a little thing going wrong with it. :) I'm working on it.