My sweet boy!

Well, I nearly went a decade with no boy needing stitches. Yesterday at the co-op Matthew cut his foot. Did you know that there is a little window of opportunity to get stitches? I didn't. :)

Matthew was running outside and a stick stuck him just the right way. Yes, he had no shoes on. In November. What can I say? I had on flip-flops. It was like 80*!

Here are the pics ... ;) This is Matthew waiting for the doctor. Next is the actual cut. The last one is Matthew checking out his crutches.
He has to keep it covered until tomorrow night. If there is no pain he can keep the bandage off and walk without the crutches. So stay tuned for the pic of the stitches. :) Also, Bo took a picture of him sitting outside while he played 'football'. He sat in a Hokie chair while he tossed the ball with Bo and David. LOL Nothing can stop him!

What was Ryan doing? Oh, he has developed a love of Solitaire. So his free time has been spent learning how to shuffle the cards and playing the game. A kid after my own heart!

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