You're Invited

Earlier today I was thanking God for the day. Praising Him for the ability to stay home with our children, for homeschooling, for some personal things and the such. I prayed for the things that are near my heart like my best friend and our school day.

Suddenly I looked up the ceiling and said "God, you are welcomed in my home. Come Father and bring your grace and mercy. Lord, let me see You in my children's eyes today. Be in my heart and in my words. Please sweet Lord Jesus come, You're invited."

A sweet peaceful feeling came over me. In that instant my Lord came to me. My eyes moistened as my heart filled up with His Spirit. I gently heard Him speak to me, "Thank you for inviting me."

Even as I write this my tears are threatening to burst forward.

How many times my Lord have I taken for granted that You are here? How many times have I come to You in anger because You were not handling a situation (or so I thought)? How many times have I just assumed You knew what was in my heart? Again Lord, how many times have I taken Your companionship for granted?

Forgive me Jesus. May I never take You for granted again. May I never just assume that You know you are welcomed here.

This simple "You're invited here." moment made me think of my relationships with friends. I know that I am always welcomed in some one's home but to have them call and say "Come on over." brings joy to my heart. It makes me know that they value me and my friendship. I believe it is the same thing with our Heavenly Father. He is always with us but He wants to hear it from us. He wants us to say those words ... " You are invited. You are welcomed here."

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bree said...

Oh Terri, I love this post! Thank you:)