My oldest is a decade

Yes, it's true. My precious oldest boy is 10 today. Of course I am going through all those motherly emotions. ;) Matthew is such a treasure and joy. When he was around two I picked out a song for him. A song that I would like to dance with him at his wedding. I don't play the song as much as I probably should. It's Forever Young by Rod Stewart. I do pray that I am serving him well (that is taken from a line in the song). Saturday we are having a Laser Quest party. He is so excited. It looks like all his little buddies will be there. I emailed him the other day. Yes, I said email. :) We just "hooked" him up. LOL It is so neat, anyway. I emailed him the other day and expressed so much love to him. In the email I told him that I can see glimpses (my new word) of the man he is going to be. He is growing up so fast. He emailed me back with a sweet and simple reply ... "I love you too Mom". I have done a lot of growing up because of him. Those first few years were rough. Not because of him, no way. He was/is perfect. I made a lot of mistakes. Still do. But Matthew is such a forgiving boy. I pray that his kindness and gentleness continues in life. So ... there you go. My baby is 10. I can't believe I am sitting here, writing to you and crying! Sometimes a mother's heart is so full it over flows. ;)



bree said...

Happy birthday to your sweet boy!
hugs from all of us (maybe it would be a punch from the boys! :)

Anonymous said...

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