Rooms to let ... fifty cents

So I was folding clothes in my room when I started thinking about how I pray for each boy when I am either in his room or pass by his room. I thought "You know, if you assigned each room a prayer subject and every time you entered that room you would be lifting a lot of things up to God through out the day."

Here is a glimpse inside my house. :) Below is a list of rooms and areas with the subject it represents. My prayers change depending on the situation. But this will give you an idea. ;)

I pray this inspires you to look differently at your home.

Front Porch: Our (spiritual) appearance and the world.
Dear Lord I pray that we are a beacon to our neighborhood. That our light would shine in this dark world. May Your love been seen from us in all we do. May we not look a mess but show Your love and character.

Foyer: Friendships.
Lord, I thank You for friends. I ask You to strengthen the friendships that You have given to us. Help us to always receive them with open arms. May all our friends know that we are there for them.

Office: Finances and our business.
Sweet Lord, guide our finances. Give us wisdom to run our company the way You would have it. May we always be fair with our employees. Lord protect us from unwise financial decisions.

Bathrooms: Health.
Heavenly Father heal us and keep us whole. Those of us that have a disease, touch us and heal us. Keep our bodies strong and healthy.

Dinning Room: Education.
Lord help me to teach my children the things of You. Give them a teachable heart. Give me a teachable heart. Guide our lessons so that You may be glorified!

Living Room: Family time.
Lord bless our time together. Protect our relationships as we hang out. Strengthen the bond that we have. May we truly cherish one another.

Kitchen: My role.
Sweet Lord, guide me as the wife and mother. Calm my spirit as I go through out my day. Be with me and guide me. Teach me how to be the wife and mother You have called me to be. Teach me how to have a meek and quiet spirit.

Patio: Our backs.
Father protect us from the Devil's schemes. Just like we have a sensor back porch light that turns on when something enters our back yard, may we have a spiritual one as well. When the devil comes sneaking around may the light, the Holy Spirit, shine so bright to expose his darkness.

Garage: My husband.
Heavenly Father thank You for Bo. I ask that You will guide him and protect him. Speak to him Lord, touch his heart. Keep his back strong and his mind sharp. Lord I pray that he never becomes cynical but continues to think the best of people. May You always give him a reason to smile and laugh.

Laundry Room: My quiet time.
Oh Lord I treasure my quiet time with You. May I never take it for granted. Lord I ask that You would meet me every time I invite You. May we grow closer and closer together.

Bedrooms (kids): Each child.
Father thank You for each child You have blessed us with. I ask that You will continue to keep them safe. Lord, show them how wonderful they are in You. Speak to their spirits about Your will for them. Protect their sleep and play time.

Bedroom (ours): Marriage.
Oh precious Lord protect my marriage. May we always be kind to one another, full of love and grace. Keep our fires burning for one another. May we satisfy each other in all biblical ways.

Thanks for stopping by our humble abode.
I pray that you are blessed today in ways you haven't even thought of.
May His glory fall upon your home today!


Sandy said...

Thank you for this. At the end of a tough day, this was encouraging and inspiring to read.

tina said...

You inspire me my sweet friend!! You are so wise!!

Anonymous said...

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