At the foot of the cross

Today is Good Friday. All day long the boys have been saying "Happy Good Friday!" to everyone they see. Such sweet boys.

Tonight we went to our church service. I almost didn't think we were going to go. The day was going quicker then I thought. Bo has a lot of office work to do. The boys were playing so nicely together. I ran up to Walgreens to get some fresh make-up. Buy one get one free! Then I headed over to Foodlion (grocery store) for some little items.

My heart became so burdened at the thought that we wouldn't go. While shopping for groceries I thought of the things we could do to 'make up' for missing it. We could read the Bible. We could watch The Passion of the Christ. Nothing felt right.

My hair was up in a pony tail. I had on a pair of old jeans and a VT Hookie t-shirt. It was 6 when I go home. Service was at 7. There is just no way. My kids have been rolling around all day in the dirt ... literally. We're a mess and Bo doesn't even want to go.

"Come as you are."

Oh. Yes Lord.

I pulled up in the driveway. A new feeling in my heart. I quickly unloaded everything. Chatted with Bo about our license plates. Then I went out to find the boys. I told them they had about a half an hour before they needed to freshen up. They were cool with that and I didn't care that there was dust all over their pants. I just wanted clean hands and faces. I then went in to clean up a bit. Ate a quick bite and called the kids in. While they were getting ready Bo decided that he would leave the paperwork for tomorrow.

We were out the door by 6:45.

We went just as we were.

It was a wonderful service. Always is but this year it was different. My boys are older. I'm older. Tonight marks the end of a year for me. Meaning I feel like tonight is December 31. Sunday morning is my "new year". Spiritually speaking. I can't explain it. Not really the point anyway. :)

I don't know about y'all's Good Friday service but this is what we do.
We have six Scripture readings. After each reading we sing a song that is very low key like "Once Again" You know "Jesus Christ, I look upon Your sacrifice". After each Scripture the room is darkened. Then after all the scripture is said and we have sung the last song. We sit in the darkness and write (if we want to) down a sin (or sins) that we are going to leave at the cross. Then each row is dismissed. We walk up to the cross that is on the pulpit and place the paper on a nail. There are four nails about a foot long on the cross. One for each hand, one for Christ's head and one for His feet. After you place your sin on the cross you walk over and take communion. After everyone is done our pastor says a final prayer and we all leave in silence. I tell you what. It is very humbling to walk up to the cross in the dark holding your sin that put Him there. Whew!

The boys blessed my heart so much tonight. Each one wrote out a sin that they have been struggling with and put it on the cross. Bo and I didn't even say anything to them. We were too busy writing our own. :) I can't express the feeling I had as each one knelt down and put it on the nail that was at His feet. Which is the one I had already decided I wanted to do. I had such a beautiful vision of just laying it down at His feet.

Then we took communion as a family. Which we do every month but today ... today in the darkness I really was remembering Him.

Happy Good Friday ... See you Easter Morning!

Matthew 27

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bree said...

I can so relate! This year was the first time I've started to get it. The dark, quiet, funeral type service of Good Friday...followed by communion, the thought of dinner with our Lord..no fine china or bustling about, just breaking of bread..and my family, our children..breath taking and humbling. And then Easter-wow-I was excited-got out suits, heels, we were celebrating! Amen!
love ya!