Change of plans ...

I was going to write about just some random things but I've decided to give y'all some links to some articles God has brought me to.

Alone by Carolyn Chambers

The Jezebel Profile by Debi Pearl


Anonymous said...

This is great!

bree said...

oh my...if that isn't a sobering article..thank you SO MUCH for posting, I'm going to link to these too.

bree said...

I'm commenting again:) I read Alone (my last comment) and now the Jezebel article-Terri-I am SO guilty of this! Asking for forgiveness, repenting. You know, I've been missing what the Lord desires for me and finding joy, because I've been focusing and trying to control situations that are not mine to control. I haven't understood why I've been trying to be submissive but for some reason it wasn't right, I wasn't getting it. Reading this brings it to light (I wasn't!) Amen! What joy to lay down what is not mine and to be able to freely do what I am called to do. Good stuff! Praying for us! hugs!

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