today is the day that the LORD has made!

I feel very close to God these past few days. Don't you just love that about Him? Some days His presence is just made known. You know when you have worshipped or prayed and you can feel Him. You know that He has come because He was invited. Those are some wonderful times with God. Then there are the times when He comes and invites you to fellowship. Those days when you wake up or finish making your coffee and you just sense He is there. You just about think that if you were to turn around ... He, in all His glory, would be standing right there. You almost expect to run literally into Him on your way down stairs. It is a glorious feeling. It makes my heart sing. Faith rises up inside of me. I feel as if I am truly walking on sunshine. :)


bree said...

what a beautiful post:) His presence- love it!

Jenileigh said...

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I really like your blog and look forward to being able to read and learn about you when I return back to the blog world. God bless you!

longge said...

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Anonymous said...