Prayer journal

Doesn't that sound so wonderful? So spiritual? Leaving a great legacy? That is what I thought too. So I tried. I tried writing down all my prayer requests and praise reports. However, I found that I often forgot to write the answers of my prayers. I also wrote the journal like a worldly diary. I filled pages with anger, hurt, frustration, sadness and the like. I exposed things about people on those pages that I surely didn't want to share with anyone. The thought of passing them down to my children and my children's children made my stomach queasy. Or worse the thought that once I passed on people would find the journals and read things that perhaps should be better left unsaid. Yet not writing a journal didn't sit right with me either. What should I do Lord? What is this suppose to look like for me?

Then one day sitting in church it hit me. My notes. I take notes all the time. I think it has something to do with my learning style. LOL Whether I am reading scripture on my own or listening to a pastor, I am taking notes. Little scribbles here and there. Sometimes an outline. All sorts of ways I will write it out what God is speaking to me at that time. Perhaps it's a concept or a question. Maybe a dream He has sparked. Whatever it is you can bet that I have written it down on a piece of paper.

So what I am going to do now is keep all my notes. That's it. I'm just going to continue to write them out and stick them in a folder of some sort. What usually happens with my notes is that after awhile I throw them away. Especially since I also write in and highlight my Bible. I just use my notes as a way of getting the Word/sermon in my head. But now I'm going to save them. I think my notes show where I'm at in my life. I can (I'm sure you too) listen to a sermon, have God speak to me about something, listen to that same sermon a few months later and hear something else. So I think my notes will show my struggles, progress and just general walk with Christ. I'm very excited at this idea.

I think nothing beats good old fashion handwriting. I love blogs, I love them very much. :) I love emails. But nothing does more to my heart then handwritten notes. That is why I try to send them out from time to time. There is just something about it. I just get so tickled when I think about Paul and all those letters to the churches!

Well, that is what my new thing is. I'm saving all my notes. Oh and my pastor writes a little note on the front of our church bulletins every week. I'm going to save those too.


bree said...

what a great idea! how wonderful to have one place for all those pieces of paper that end up in the junk drawer, under the seats in the car, bookmarks--forgotten. Thank you for sharing!

longge said...

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