Here are a few things

Well hello everyone! It has been awhile. Here is an overview of life here. :) No order of events.

David broke his wrist. Poor guy. At least it isn't during our hot summer months. Nevertheless it itches and is very annoying. He broke it playing backyard football. He will have the cast on for a month. The doctor called it a buckle break and said it was common among "very active boys". LOL Well, I'm surprised we haven't seen it before at my house.

God has been talking to me about my behavior and having a meek and quiet spirit. I don't know if you are like me but when God speaks to me in an area that is very habitual it takes me awhile to get my mind around it. He talks to me in stages. I'm sure He does the same for y'all. Right? LOL Anyway, right now we are in the stage of "here is what you are doing (or not doing)." I'm sure the 'practice' stage is coming up soon. Glory!
I have such a stirring in my spirit right now. I can't explain it but it has my full attention. I know God is moving, not just in my life but in the world. I'm excited and a bit nervous. Nervous because I don't want to be uncomfortable. Isn't that terrible? I find myself saying out loud "I'm ready. But if I'm not ready, You'll make me ready." Kind of like the father who wanted his son healed. "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!" Mark 9:24 NIV.
I really believe that 2008 is going to be a changing year for me. Maybe not huge like I'll have a book published or become some speaker! :) But huge in that I will grow some more. Deepen my faith and continue with more power to live a life worthy of His name.
God keeps bringing to my mind the word integrity. I watched Priscilla Shirer on the 700 Club. She said that her parents were the same people behind the pulpit as they were at home. She said that is integrity. When she said that my spirit jumped. Yes, live a life of integrity.
I know I'm a bit all over the place. I'm sorry. I just wanted to take a moment to update my thoughts. God is good. I'm so excited about where He is taking me and my family. I know only good is coming our way! Glory!


Sarah said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! That is David?! He is huge! I'm so sorry about his wrist!

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