HATE this feeling

I hate this feeling that I have. I'm somewhere stuck in the middle of life right now. One hand summer is almost here. Lazy days of pools and skate board parks are just on the horizon but we are in the middle of test taking. Our hearts long to be somewhere, anywhere but home yet our home needs our attention. We should get the bathroom finished. It just needs the trim painted and decorated. Simple enough. The garage needs to be cleaned out. It is terrible! I can't stand it anymore. Even Bo can't stand it. Our yard needs to be cleaned up. We have piles of leaves from the fall still sitting in our back yard! There are little home improvements that should be done like expanding our driveway and laying down sod. I would really like the house to be painted and decorated. My list of "To Do's" seem so long and we are terrible about just doing it. Trust me Nike is not looking for our family to be a spokesman! My kitchen table is so cluttered with crap. My desk is a nightmare. Not that we use it for anything but still! :) My front porch is filled with muddy shoes, tools and toys. My flower bed needs some new flowers. The boys' summer clothes should be gone through. I know they need new things. The days just seem to get away from me. By the time I'm done doing the every day stuff there is no time left for the extras. I guess I shouldn't take the boys to the pool or skate park but it's fun. Fun doesn't pay the bills though. There has to be some system. Bo always says to make a list and start checking things off. Baby steps. Maybe that is my list for tomorrow ... make a list of the extras. Heck, I should just read over this post! I know that this busyness is probably from Satan. He wants me focused on all this 'stuff' instead of becoming a woman of character. He wants me weighted down by what is not done instead of what I have. Satan wants my stomach in knots instead of walking in joy. So I will lay this feeling down at God's feet and walk away. Before I know it everything will be done.


Sarah A. said...

Boy, I can identify with your "list"! It's hard to work up the motivation to do those thankless jobs that will need to be done again in a month. Your idea to make a list is good. My 2 cents would be to get the family involved. Work always gets done faster when you do it together!

We make our kids do maintenance type chores on the weekends before they get to play. Plus they get to earn money- so that's a big motivator!

Do the easy stuff first. My husband calls it the "low hanging fruit".

Maricar said...

My thought to you is MAKE THE LIST. Then CROSS OFF things as you complete tasks. Crossing off the list is a great feeling ... and you'll feel a sense of accomplishment.

When you're done, I'll meet you at the pool with my monkeys! (How's that for incentive?)