Ryan's Surgery

Hello All! I just wanted to request some prayer. Our youngest boy, Ryan, is going to have surgery tomorrow. It's a private issue and he has asked me not to share it with everyone. So I won't.
Please keep him in prayer. He will need anesthesia. Please keep Bo, myself and the brothers in prayer too. We are all a bit nervous. God is good though. He has sent the Holy Spirit to calm us.
One more thing. We had to take David back to get more blood work done. So, we should be hearing back from the doctor soon. I'm believing in a healing!! I would not be surprised if the doctor calls me instead of sending a letter because the labs are so "crazy"! :)
Oh and just in general keep my family lifted high. I know the enemy is foaming at the mouth ready to feast on one if not all of us.
If you receive any words from our Lord or have any scripture that you would like to pass on to me "just because" feel free to! I encourage it. You can email. Just click on the 'Email Me' button on my sidebar.
Thank you!

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