He did great!

This is Ryan after his surgery. He did great. What a big guy. He couldn't eat anything 14 hours before the surgery. He wasn't allowed to drink anything 4 hours before the surgery. We had to wait in the waiting room for a little over 2 hours. But he did great! I am so proud of his bravery. Thank you all for praying! He woke up with out any problems. As we followed the nurse into the Post Anesthesia Recovery Unit (PARU) Bo and I could hear babies just screaming their heads off. The longer it took to reach Ryan's bed the harder my heart was pounding. We finally made it :) and there he was, half asleep, being fed a slushy and talking about how his big brothers were with Grandma. I do believe I knocked the nurse down trying to get to him. He listened so well to the nurse as she explained the IV and how he needed to rest. He answered every question she asked and never freaked out. Ryan tends to become very nervous when situations are out of his control. He is the bravest little boy jumping high skate board ramps but take away his bodily control and he has a hard time being brave. Not on Thursday though. I told them about it and they (the staff) made sure he knew everything that was going to happen. He never once cried about his IV. Even when the pain medicine was wearing off he let a few tears drop. We quickly got the nurse who gave him some more stuff. The picture is of him waiting for the ride downstairs to the van. :)
When we got home the brothers were so happy to see him. We all hung out in the living watching TV with Ryan. He wasn't allowed outside until Friday. He has had no complications and we are so beyond thankful. God is good!

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