Isn't this crazy?!

Yesterday Bo and his friend Jamie went to our local post office. Jamie wanted to get a P.O. Box. The gentleman told him to try his key to make sure it worked. So Jamie did. When he opened the box there was an envelope. They intended to give it to the postman. However, when Bo looked at the name he was shocked. It was my best friend's name! 9 1/2 years ago, that's right almost a decade ago, my very best friend had that exact same P.O. Box. She moved away in October of 1999. The letter was postmarked Oct 12, 1999! Is that not crazy?! I tell you what, staring at her name, her maiden name, flooded my mind with so many memories. Not all good, like the one where I helped load up the U-Haul for her move to Rhode Island. Or the subsequent phone call saying that her, her husband and new baby were moving to California. God was so kind to me the year or so before she left. See, when I first moved down here we lived in the same neighborhood. We were always in three places, either at her house, my house or walking the neighborhood. Usually the latter. I still drive through that neighborhood from time to time. Anyway, there were about two years that we didn't talk much after high school. But God brought us back together in early 1997. Once we reconnected we haven't been apart. Before she left we had gotten into a comfortable (almost) daily routine. She would get off work around 5:30 and come to my house. We would hang out until Bo got home from work, usually around 8 or so. Then we would all hang out until about 10. I remember all of us (anywhere from 4 to 10) would hang out Friday and Saturday night together. We always went to church on Sunday together then usually lunch somewhere cheap. :) I miss her so. We do talk all the time, even with the three hour difference. But there is nothing like sitting next to your best gal friend, drinking coffee and talking face to face. She is my bud. She kicks my butt when needed, cries with me when needed, and laughs with me when needed. Our kids like each other and often ask to take a vacation to visit one another. So cute. I'm still tickled about that letter! She couldn't believe it either. Of course I took it as a sign from God that she should move back! LOL Then I call her and she tells me how God is moving/stirring in her heart. He also caused some thing that held her family to CA to be taken away. Do I dare dream Lord? I always want what is best for her and her family. I'm even big enough to understand that living right next to me might not be what is best. But it would be nice. :) God knows our hearts ... You never know what He has planned for her and me. Today I will be grateful for our friendship and I will dream a little. :)


Sarah A. said...

I have to say, that's an interesting story! What are the odds?

For the record, I know that feeling- living far from your best friend. I dream of the day that we can live in the same city again, too. :)

bree said...

How precious:) Can we all relate- each one of us in the 4 corners of the US..alright well your in the middle, but still south! :) God sure does know our hearts, and it sure is exciting to hope:)
ps-yeah,that sure is crazy! I can only imagine the joy the Lord had in knowing that moment would occur...His ways are not our own, and OH SO MUCH BETTER!

Jenileigh said...

I love it when God blows our minds!