Things I've noticed

I know it has been awhile since my last post. To be honest I can't say it's been awhile because I have been busy. The main reason I've been a bit MIA is because I lost my glasses. I lost them the day before I left for the homeschool convention. After weeks of searching I went back to the eye doc. My prescription had changed a bit and now he wants me to wear them all the time. So I'm trying to. I need them mainly for reading, watching TV and driving at night. But since I have been wearing them all day or at least most of the day I have noticed a difference. Anyway, this isn't the main reason for the post. I just wanted to update y'all. :O)

Things I've noticed about my Beloved ... this is the reason for the post.

I've noticed that he just wants me around. It's a good feeling. Case in point, my husband and I own our own construction business. It's a gutter company. He does other things like a little trim work and siding but mainly we a gutter family. :) I help really in a way. I'm Vice President and Treasurer. It's on paper. I have to hold two offices and so does Bo. He is President and Secretary. The reason why we have to hold two offices is because in June of '04 we became Incorporated. To have an incorporation the four offices have to be filled. I own 10% of the shares. Again for legal purposes. If I hold 20% or more then my credit becomes an issue when building credit for our company name. I do not handle any paperwork, estimates, invoices and certainly I am not up on a roof.

So how do I help? How do I support him?

Well, I support by understanding why we aren't always paid on Friday. I support when he gets home after the sun goes down. I run to the bank for him. But mainly I am just here. I sit in the office with him while he does his paperwork. I make sure the boys are quiet when he is on the phone with customers. I call a customer occasionally when he needs me to. I listen to him while he is explaining his next week's schedule. I listen while he complains about contractors not paying when they should. The list goes on.

When we first started our company I thought I had to be in the details. I never pushed my way in but I did offer unsolicited advice. I, for a little while, became frustrated by "his" system and would explain how "my" way was more efficient. Of course looking back over the years I can freely admit I was wrong. He is amazing. He is so good at what he does it blows my socks off. Sure things have been tough and money has been tight from time to time but I clearly see how business savvy he is. How smart he is. How clever. Not to mention how strong he is both mentally and physically. My man is a hard worker! It's a wonderful legacy he is passing down to our boys.

So with much prayer and stepping back to watch I've noticed that just my presence is needed for Bo. So often we think that our men will tell us what they need from us. Not so. We, us girls, are the talkers. Men are doers. God knows what our men need from us. He will reveal it to us if we are quiet and wait.

I have asked Bo, just recently, if he wanted me more involved. He said no, he just wanted me to be here. I can do that.

Lately I've started to come when he calls. Even with the children. Instead of standing in the kitchen doing dishes hollering "What?!", I simply turn the water off, dry of my hands and find the guy who called me. To my amazement it has actually brought a different atmosphere to our home. I've noticed too that they are starting to do the same when I call. It's nice.

I'm not sure why I'm posting this. Perhaps there is a gal out there who has asked God for some wisdom in regards to helping her man out. Maybe this will help ... just be there. Be his cheerleader. There really isn't anything your man can't do if he's got the Lord and a good woman. After all Job said that a good wife is a gift from the Lord. Or something like that. :P


bree said...

:) what you do for him you do for the Lord. Praises for our Father!

Sarah A. said...

Nice reminder, Terri. I like the part about coming when he calls :)