A few posts to catch up on.

Okay, so I have decided to delete my homeschool blog. So, I posted two (now three) entries today. I am going to look over my posts from my homeschool blog and see if any are worth re-posting on here. If you would like, feel free to head over to the picture He's painting to see if you missed anything. If something is worth re-posting here let me know. :)

I have had the thought that I just didn't need another blog for awhile now. I am a homeschoolin' mom. God uses homeschooling to teach/reach me as much as anything else in my life. I can't separate my walk with God from my homeschooling.

So, for those of you who do not homeschool I just wanted you to know that some posts may be about curricula and field trips. Cause it is what it is. :)

For those of you who only know me by my homeschooling blog ... Welcome to The Potter's Clay. Sit for a spell, check out the archives :)

Now the fun begins with adding more things to my side bar. Somethings I didn't have here that I did there. I think I will update later. I've spent close to two hours on the computer today! Too long. Time to go and enjoy 'em boys so more!!

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