Well, it's July. Now my mind is drifting back to homeschooling. I have to have the boys' results in by August 1st. My Notice of Intent needs to be in by August 15. I'd like to have all my curriculum by Sept 1st. It's all really just weeks away.

I was so refreshed by the convention. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I can't say that I met any new friends. I did bump into some friends from church. I ate my meals alone and stayed in my hotel alone. It was FABULOUS! It was a much needed break all a way around.

Bo helped me decide what speakers I would see. It's never ceases to amaze me how finite my mind is. I walked into one speaker after another thinking I knew what it was about. Thinking I was going to learn some head knowledge about how to support/encourage other homeschoolers. Some head knowledge on how to plan a solid day of lessons. But God had other plans. I walked out in tears. Deeply moved by how infinite God is. I was touched over and over again by God's grace and love that I could barely get to the bathroom to hide my mascara stained face fast enough.

I walked away with a stirring in my spirit to seize the day of homeschooling. Something that hasn't left me. Praise God. I walked away with a more refined vision for myself and the boys this upcoming school year.God leaves bread crumbs everywhere. He has been talking to me for months about certain issues. Diving deep into my heart and healing, renewing, restoring and planting some new things. Now I can see His hand all along. God speaks in the quietness of our souls. He speaks when we rest and are still. He reveals Himself in the dawning of new days. He is there in the darkness of the night. He is faithful to answer. I, however, am not always faithful to hear.

This June I was listening. This June I heard Him. I may not be clear on the details of everything but I know He knows. Things may be a little tough, in fact I am sure it will be. It has to be. Otherwise how will we grow? I know there will be days of whining and complaining (that's just from me!). I know that the kids and I will clash on certain things but I know that it will all work out for Him. His Will be done. My job is to do "the thing". My job is to put one foot in front of the other, arms around my sons and my eyes fixed on the One who calls me.

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