I've been sitting here catching up on some blogs ... (homeschool blog)

I've been sitting here catching up on some blogs. Lately my heart has been away from the computer. Imagine that? Like most of us moms we have turned away from the TV just to be in another stronghold ... the Internet! Oh well, that is another post.

As you would imagine some of the posts I have been reading are homeschool blogs. Which, now that it is spring, has a lot to do with the P word. Moms all around the world are planning for the next school year. Not me of course but I've been reading.Actually I am a bit excited about it. I believe God for the breakthroughs that I need. I'm believing God when He says He knows what He is doing. I'm believing God that He called us to this. God has been so gracious and merciful over the last five years.

My life, like most of us, have not been all about homeschoolin'. We started homeschooling in the fall of 2003. That summer (of '03) God took me on a journey of cleaning out my heart and becoming the woman/wife/mother He called me to be. In December of 03 we started our business.Each of those things require a lot of prayer. A lot of attention. A lot of time.

I know that I will never be called to stop laboring (in much prayer) over each of those things, however I do believe God is shifting my priorities a bit. Being His daughter will always be number one but now I have a routine of getting in His Word, seeking His face. My heart is healing from many things and I am walking in victory in a lot of areas. Glory! Same with our business. God has blessed us with a very successful business. Bo is very business savvy. He is a great people person. He is very wise. I am so proud of him. God has truly blessed him with some great talent. Not to mention he is a man who is not afraid of hard labor. He thrives on it. He is the kind of guy who will never really retire. Not because of money but because he believes he will die if his hands aren't dirty. He blesses my soul.

Anyway, back to school. God has truly blessed me with it. Our years have been mostly playing around and hanging out with some lessons here and there, or so it seems. I really wouldn't trade it for the world. Not even when my boys scream that they hate each other or tell strangers that they can't read. They can, trust me they can. I wouldn't trade the easy going mornings. The rainy days of snuggling on the couch. I wouldn't give up the many trips to the library. I would give up the library fines. :) I wouldn't trade the ability to stop everything just so we could go outside and admire our neighbor's tree blooming. I wouldn't trade the fact that our mail man knows each boy by name. I wouldn't trade the innocence of my boys. I wouldn't trade the impromptu lunches at Applebee's. God is good.

As this school year is ending I have a sense in my spirit that God is stretching me again. I know next school year will be more focused on academics. I know I will really deal with some dying to my flesh. I'm ready. God is a good God. He is kind and helpful. If He has called me to it then I know He has made a way for it. I count it a joy and an honor to serve Him.

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*originally posted on 4/16/08

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