You think me? Really? (Homeschool blog)

I am going to our state's homeschool convention! I am besides myself happy. For a brief moment I thought one of my dearest friends would join me. To be honest I had mixed feelings. LOL It's okay, she understands.

I'm actually going solo. Oh yes, you read that right. Alone. Me, myself and I. Well, okay, human wise I will be alone but God's coming too. Glory! I am so looking forward to some one on one time, apart from dirty dishes and fightin' boys. I will be gone for two nights and three days. Did I mention I will be alone? Yes, I am still going to go to the actual convention. LOL You silly people.

Here are my thoughts about the whole trip. I plan on absorbing all that I can and taking every free sample that I can. Then I plan on going back to my hotel room, laying everything out on the second bed and pouring over them in prayer. Plus I plan on having real quiet time with God. Of course fresh coffee at all times. :) I plan on leaving my clothes out and not worrying about someone moving my socks. I can't wait.

The convention has 6 workshops. Of course I picked out 13 or 14 different ones I wanted to go to. I felt God telling me to ask Bo. So I did. I gathered all my information and presented it to him. Cause that is what I do. I like to have all my ducks in a row. Anyway, I gave him the deadline of June 4. That is when I leave. Before he left for his trip this week he asked me to come into the office. I figured he was going to go over our monthly bills. Which he always does around the first five days of the month. We get the calender out and discuss up coming field trips, doctor visits and any mom night outs. Anyway, besides the point. So I head into the office with my coffee cup ready to go over everything. When I sit down I notice he has the paper I gave him two weeks ago in his hand. He said that he was ready to go over the workshops he feels I would benefit from. I was shocked. I quickly grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil. He then started telling me the different speakers he felt I should try to get to. The workshops are first come first serve so I may not be able to get to all the ones I want. I notice a theme among the workshops. I guess he must of seen that on my face or (and probably the truth) God heard my heart questioning it because Bo then began to explain his choices. He said, "I can see you leading a support group for homeschool moms. I think that you should take advantage of all the things that deal with the leadership aspect of it. Learn some tips, broaden your area of expertise." I was shocked. You think me? Really?

Every time I think about his words, the sincerity in his voice my heart flutters. To think that my man thinks that I can do something like this is wonderful.Part of my flesh was like "have you known me long?" but the other part, my spirit, knew that he had heard something from God. In the past few years God and I have talked about this type of thing. Not really for 'homeschoolin' but other things like that. I have lead a few small groups. Two with my husband and one by myself. I love it.

So I am very curious to see where God is taking me. What a ride! What a journey! What an arrival! He is good! Glory!

*originally posted 5/10/08

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