The results are in (homeschool blog)

We received the boys' test results. All of them did so well. I'm proud. :) I had no doubts.

It's funny because we have never been the type of parents that did not share things with them. I mean sure there are some things we don't share but their test scores are certainly not one of them. They know that if they fall below a certain number then we would have to work really hard for a few weeks to get the scores back up before I submitted them to the city. So needless to say that we are all curious to see how everyone did. Plus they enjoy the accolades from Daddy on a job well done. Well, I was reading posts from my Yahoo group. You would be surprise the number of parents who do not share the results other then to say "You did fine". I was a little bit shocked. To each is to own, really. I just didn't think about it.

We've home schooled the whole "school years". So my kiddos have never gotten report cards or progress reports. There are no real grades. They either know the material and we move on or they don't and we hang out in it until they do. If for some reason they are still struggling and I'm tired of it then we move on. :) Usually they figure it out once they are applying it in a different area. Anyway, that is just what we do around here.I'm glad we can officially close our school year. I'll get those results mailed out by August 1st. Why not sooner? Well, cause that's how I am. I tend to put things off. :) It's nice to be able to go to the convention without wondering what the actual scores were.

Good-bye school year 07/08.

Good-bye 4th grade. Good-bye 3rd grade. Good-bye 1st grade.

*originally posted June 3, 2008

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