Busy little girl!

Here I am on the computer when really there are things that should be done.

This weekend is going to be so fun and busy that I really don't have a moment to tell y'all about it. But since I want to tell y'all about it ... I will just have to hustle when I'm done.

So here is my list of things, errands to run and fun to do. :)

*Clean up the house including the boys cleaning up their rooms.
Bo's baby sister Ashley is in town. She is planning on meeting us up at football practice and then head over to our home. However if they, her, her man and her son don't then they are coming tomorrow. Anyway, moving on.
*I have to hit Wal-Mart for some light groceries and party stuff.
*Football at 6.

*Pancake Breakfast for the Chesapeake Knights! We are to be there at 7:30 in the morning. :) Of course my brain won't realize anything until after 9! The boys are so excited about it. The coaches are cooking the food. Applebees up the road is hosting it for us. I think that is cool.
*Ashley and company between 11 -1p.
*Birthday party for the boys' friend, Jacob. 1:30-3:30p
*David's sleep over birthday party at 4p. I think there will be 11 or so boys here. Yes, I have ear plugs on my list. LOL Just teasing.

*Kids get picked by 10a. I hope. LOL
*Busch Gardens with Ashley and her family.

Perhaps Monday it will rain. If it rains in the morning I can sleep in because Bo will be home ... That would be nice.

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Maricar said...

The Harris boys are looking forward to David's party -- ahem, you think earplugs are going to save you with **eleven** boys at your house. You are a better mom than I.