I feel energized! I am getting really excited about this upcoming school year. I feel confident about the curriculum I have chosen. Tomorrow evening I have a steering meeting for co-op. My house has been cleaned out and organized. The boys are doing awesome in football. We (more Bo then me) moved his shop back home. Getting back to basics. Somewhere on here is a pic of his work truck and trailer, just cause I took the picture. :) Feels like old times, good times, simple times. We are so excited. When you walk in God's Will, you just know.

There are still things I need/would like to accomplish before school actually starts. Like finishing the three books I'm reading, and taking the placement tests for the new curriculum. I also need to finish my garden. Man is that hard and time consuming work! We'll get it done. I'm confident in that. :)

OH! I have to brag about the weather here. Usually we have temps over 100 with heat indexes of 110 or higher. The air doesn't move and it's very thick. It's miserable. Grown men cry. Bo adjusts his schedule from 7a-5p is to 4a-2p ish. The boys go out and play in 10 minute increments. It's just terrible. Our electric bill is the highest in August.

No so right now my friend! We have had temps in the low 90s with very low humidity!! One day it didn't get higher then 85! Get out of here! I have actually had the windows opened in the mornings. I love fresh air. The breeze (can you believe we have had a breeze?!) has been nice and cool. Football has been so wonderful. I've actually been able to sit out and enjoy it instead of retreating to my van with the AC running and praying for the boys. Sorry for all the !s I'm just so excited about the weather! ;)

The first night of practice I told some parents that I am praying that God gives us great weather. They were like "Umm, okay." But every night they say to me "I can not believe this weather!" I say " I know, God sure is blessing us today!"

God is so good and I feel great! :) Now, to go open the windows up again this morning!

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bree said...

you go girl-being bold in your faith! thank you for your prayers, I am feeling excited too about school, life, THE LORD! He is moving and stirring in our spirts and in those we love, we MUST keep our eyes on Him, we could vere off the path easily! Praying against that, in Jesus name!
love ya!