Bo and I have come up with a plan to get out of debt. We know that it is God's will for us, all of us, not to be in debt. Please partner with us in prayer. Thank you so much Prayer Warriors!

Please let me know if I can pray with you. You may leave a comment which will not be private. :) Or you may email me (link on the side) which I will keep private. Of course if you want your need to be posted but without personal detail I will do that too. Just let me know.

God Bless!


Maricar said...

It is amazing to see how God provides. We, amazingly, were able to become debt free (sans his school loans) when Chris was in dental school. There were months where I don't know where the extra came from, but God always helped us and provided for us. It was totally a time of making good (prayerful) choices and trusting in His plan for us. I'll pray for success in your debt free plan (have you read Dave Ramsey's book, Financial Peace?), knowing the peace it gives you when you pay it off! Take care, Friend.

Anonymous said...

Please pray for me and my family. We have debt from a previous business, consumer debt, medical debt and our mortgage. It seems very overwhelming, but God is bigger than all that. One day at a time....by the way, what is your plan?


Terri said...

I am so thankful that you asked for prayer. Penny, I am praying for you and your family.

Our plan really is to get back to basics of God's word. We are going to faithfully tithe every pay check. We own our business so we don't always receive a pay check on Friday. But we believe that getting back to God's laws, we will receive a check. We also are going to increase Bo's pay check. I know it sounds wierd. Our problem has been that we went without a paycheck to make sure the business didn't suffer. So we sat down after much prayer one morning and figured out what we needed to live comfortably. It looks like we will have $500 extra a month. We are socking that to credit cards. We broke down our finances by the week. I believe this will work because we are seeking God in all of it and we are tithing again. Not to mention we asked for forgiveness.

Penny, it sounds like you have much of the debt we do. I encourage you and your husband to call the hospital/doctor where you have the medical debt. Many times we have had a discount of up to 30%. We had to pay up front (no payment plan) to the hospital though. People are willing to work with you.

Keep your eyes on Him. You are right, one day at a time. Like my husband says, chip away. Penny, feel free to email me if you need to talk it out more.

God is so faithful!