Week 7

I can't believe that we are starting on our 7th week of school. Consistent school work. I am a bit shocked. Honestly. Even though we started in the fall of 2003. So this is our 6th year. Is that right? I've been telling people 5. LOL. Let's count it out ... 03/04 is one, 04/05 is two, 05/06 is three, 06/07 is four, 07/08 is five, and this year ... Yeah, that's 6. WOW!

I suppose those of you who don't really know me all that well might be surprised that I am surprised.

In the past years I have really struggled with homeschooling. Not whether or not to homeschool but the actually "doing" of homeschool. It is tough. It is not for sissies! Over the past few years I have struggled with curriculum choices. I would buy the wrong thing, I'm sure you homeschool mamas can relate. But then I would either 1. not have any money left to buy what I needed or 2. become paralyzed for fear of wasting our money. Such a trap and strong hold.

But this year God has made the choices fairly easy. He has told me, confirmed, re-confirmed, and told me again. I praise God for the clarity.

I don't have the curricula yet. That's okay. It's in His timing. I know that I don't need to curriculum yet. The beauty of homeschool :)

Here is what I have been learning while waiting on Him.
  • That I am capable of piecing together things.
  • That I have some creativity.
  • I don't need a set curricula to "do school"
  • When focused and in a good mood, school only last about an hour and a half per kid.

God has broken my notions that I "can't do it". I can. There has been some tweaking along the way these past 7 weeks but it is all for His glory. Don't get me wrong. I know God has told us what to use but it's the mindset and heart attitude that He has been dealing with me about.

Here is our schedule, roughly. All subject to the Holy Spirit and PMS.

  • I wake up around 6:15, yes in the morning!
  • Devotions, prayers and coffee with Bo by 6:45. Yes, it takes me about 20 minutes to make myself get up.
  • Boys start coming down stairs about 7:30.
  • Breakfast, chit-chat with boys, emails and more coffee by 8:30.
  • Lessons usually start between 8:30 and 9.
  • Each kid one on one for about an hour and a half. While I'm working with one the other two are reading, using flash cards, maybe some math, or just doing something quiet.
  • Lunch at noon.
  • School with the last boy ends about 1 or 1:30.
  • The rest of the day is open. Some days we go past 1:30ish because of extra stuff like learning about the different states or perhaps we read some books together.
  • We have co-op on Tuesdays so our "school day" doesn't end until 3.
  • School is Monday through Thursday. Friday is for sleeping in (boys), field trips and all day long playing with Bo, if he is home.

It is awesome. There is so much peace in our school day. Imagine that!

By George, I think I'm gettin' it.


bree said...

praising Him! Congrats my friend:)
praying wih you about our talk-God is faithful, remember that! The enemy is trying to find any way in-but he's not allowed in, in the name of the most precious JESUS! Praise the Lord! Amen!

Anonymous said...

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