Just a little something I said.

A few months ago, notice that with me? It takes a while for things to process in my spirit before I can share with you.

Anyway, a few months ago I started reading a book. It was a good book. It flowed and made a lot of sense. I enjoyed the characters and story line. I giggled and smiled and totally understood the main character.

I read the book of 500 or so pages in three days.

I first found the book on another christian gals website. When I viewed the author's website I realized that the author is a Mormon. Okay, well, I thought to myself that this wasn't exactly Christian fiction. Then I discovered that the book was being made into a movie. So I viewed the trailer. Oh, vampires. Well, there goes that.

However, like I said, I read the book in three days. Why? Because another girlfriend had the book. I got caught up. Yes, 31 years old and I got caught up in the excitement of a "good book" and a "movie night" with a girlfriend.

When I first read the book I did feel God ask me "Why are you reading this young lady?" I had no real answer. See, God had told me about 5 years or so ago to stop all things related to scary stuff. Like demonic movies and stories.

I know how real this stuff is. I've seen somethings in my time. For now, I'll leave it at that.

So I did. It was right before Oct 31, 2003. I haven't seen anything since. No desire to. I haven't read anything since. No desire to ... until a few months ago.

Like I said I read the book. In my spirit I knew I wasn't right. So I talked to my dear friend Bree. She asked me a lot of open ended questions. I got the message that I should leave it alone although she never said it specifically. :)

But I didn't. I started reading the next book.

I didn't read it with as much hunger for the pages. I read to about chapter 10 or 11. We went up to Bo's motorcycle mechanic (about 3 hours away) one weekend. I forgot the book. God used that time to really drive home to me that I should not be reading this series. I was a bit sad. There's the fight with flesh.

When I got home I rationalized my continuing reading because "Hey, I should finish the book. If I still feel this way then I won't read the last two."

I'm still having a conversation with the Holy Spirit when I open the book to the next chapter.

I read the title of the chapter. A broad smile came to my face.

"Okay Lord, I get it. I get it."

The title was "Cult".

I closed the book.

Now the question in my mind was how do I tell my friend. How do I let her know that I can't read this series because, well, it's demonic. It's an open door into my house for Satan to walk through. Add that to my family's history, I'm just messing with fire.

So my friend called to see if I was done with the second book. I said yes and said she could come over any time to get it. When she came over I handed her all the books. The whole conversation was like 2 minutes long. I told her that I couldn't read them anymore. She apologized for putting a stumbling block in my path. I assured her that wasn't the case. She didn't do anything wrong. I had simply walked away from my post.

Now, here we are a month or so later. A mom of a little boy from Ryan's team and I are good field friends. Our boys have been on a team together for two years. We both love to read. So we share a lot of authors and titles with each other. I had mentioned to her about the books but only that I thought they were great. I didn't share with her my struggles. I didn't tell her about giving the books back or anything I was going through.

She is an eleventh grade teacher. One day she asked me what I thought of the series because she has noticed that just about all her students are obsessed with the books. She said that during their free time in her class they are acting out parts. Groups of them refer to one other by the names of the characters.

I was sad.

She asked me if it was worth reading so that she could "keep up" with them.

I told her no. Well, what I actually said was this, "I didn't finish the second book because I was convicted by God that these books are not appropriate."

Her response: "Oh."

Me: "I mean, you know, they are about vampires."

That was the end. Something happened that was awesome on the field which got our attention.

We have never discussed the books again.

It's been a month or so since that conversation. I have no idea if she is reading the books. She hasn't brought any to practice. We've since discussed other books and authors.

I don't know where my field friend is with God but I'm sure she may understand where I am.

It was just a little something I said.


Anonymous said...

great post.

Sarah A. said...

I've had to decline a book that a friend recommended because it was inappropriate, too. It is tough to explain those things, I know. I applaud your conviction, though! With sooooo many good books out there, why waste time on the ones that are trash?

Lori :) said...

It's definitely always best to stick with what GOD says is a GOOD book . . . and He should know - He's written the BEST Best-Seller of all times!!! :)

Proud of you! I too have my own struggles with living in this world but not of it.

L :)