LORI! and anyone else who wants to read my article. :)

Today my article was published. I am beyond excited! Just ask the people I called screaming. LOL

I wrote from my heart. I wrote it as if I was sharing with my girlfriends something I read and got out of scripture. I'm so nervous. WHEW! So nervous and so excited!

O.K. here is the link. Click HERE :)

I'm the "Today's Special Feature" too!! Check it out. ;) The main link will remain under "Local Writers".

God is so cool!


bree said...

Congrats!!!! What a great article-so different than what I thought it would've been like, I am so impressed by what The Lord is doing in ya! I thank Him that He has allowed this in you, provided the opportunity, the healing, the growth, grace, love and testimony:) May you be blessed in this new adventure, covered by HIS Word and love! Thank you for your obedience to Him! Yay and Hugs!!!

Lori :) said...

Man! I have been checking TCS almost every day for weeks! How did I miss this?! Your name was hiding from me in the Local writers section!
Great job girl!! I am so excited for you! Keep it up! Keep doing what God says to do!
Oh yeah - and I love your title (chip away)! Did you do the graphic or did Julie?

Keep serving Him!
L :)