Matthew 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Today I think I truly understood this verse. Kind of a move from head to heart.

Today we had Life Group. Last night however the boys slept out in the living room watching the BCS Bowl. Which meant bowls of popcorn everywhere. Cups filled with half drunk drinks everywhere. Couch cushions all over the floor.

Hey, when we let the boys do something, we really let them do something! LOL

Well today I woke up really late. Tomorrow I have a husband/wife realtor team coming over to take pictures of the house. Did I mention we had Life Group tonight?

I was becoming overwhelmed as the day went on with little progress. While I was picking up the what seemed like fourteenth pair of dirty socks God spoke Matthew 6:34.

Instant clarity.

My new plan was set in motion. I would clean up downstairs for the Life Group. I wouldn't worry about Saturday's stuff until early Saturday morning.

Let tomorrow worry about itself.

God's Word is so good.


bree said...

STOP IT! THIS IS WHAT THE LORD SAID TO ME TODAY!!!! He showed me, I'm running this endless race to get to a finsh line that doesn't exist. Get through the day, so I'll be done, but gee it's all there in the morning, why I feel like the endless failure when in TRUTH this is the great day. Tomorrow has its own problems...today it OWN JOYS, yes even if that joy might be laundry, dishes, story time...the things I've been missing, trying to get done to get "somewhere." Here is my post for the day...well, I'll do it a bit later:) Oh, how HE makes me smile! hugs!

Sarah A. said...

That is my favorite verse. That and "God helps those that help themselves". Wait. That last one isn't in the Bible, is it? :)

Happyhome said...

I love those moments of clarity from the Lord! Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

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