Status Report

Sitting... At my husband's very messy desk.

Wearing... Some comfy sweats and a VT t-shirt. That's Virginia Tech if y'all don't know. :)

Just finished reading... Truth Seeker by Dee Henderson. LOVED it. I love all her books (so far)

Reading next... The Protector by Dee Henderson. Also skimming through some books on Charlotte Mason. I am really drawn to her style.

Honored ... That God really trusts me with these boys. I think it's more of the fact that He knows He is bigger then any mistake I make.

Drinking ... Black coffee of course. :)

Listening to ... Matthew and Ryan play Guitar Hero together.

Waiting for ... Bo and David to come home from the bank. I wonder if Bo remembered to bring me a lollipop?

Thinking about... My best friend and her daughter.

Avoiding ... Finishing Ezekiel. There is four of us gal friends who are studying God's Word together through a private blog. We are stuck on him. I think I will just finish it, post about it and move on. Seriously, we've taken like three months!

Started ... Packing up the house. Bo and I are in the process of selling it. We move March 1 and I don't want a repeat of last time. It was hectic and a mess. So I've started it now.

Wondering ... If my sweet friend (and her family) is done moving into her new place. I can't wait to see it!

Can't wait ... To hold a Life Group meeting at their place!

Getting Ready to ... Sign off so I can hang out with my family.

*Nope, Bo did not remember a lollipop. Oh well.

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