Matthew met the Mayor!

On January 13 our oldest boy met Mayor Kransnoff. Not only did he met the Mayor but he and his team were introduced to the City Council. Why? Well because they were the FIRST Pop Warner Chesapeake Football Team to win not only the Division Title but also the Regional Title!
Matthew, Matt as he is known on the field, was a little nervous. But once Mayor Krasnoff came out he was all smiles. Our Mayor is quit the funny guy. It's also really nice to know that he is a man of God. And he is not ashamed of it! :)
Below are some pictures I took (with my phone. :))
Here is Matt waiting, looking a little nervous. :)

The KNIGHTS with Mayor Krasnoff

Mayor Krasnoff presenting a certificate to Matthew.

The team sitting at the Council Meeting.

The boys are standing being recognized for all their hard work.

This is after The Pledge of Aligence (which was after the opening prayer! Which mentioned a few times how Jesus is our only Savior!)

It was funny to me to see God's hand. Let me explain. :) This year, for a reason unknown to me, I taught the boys The Pledge. We would every so often stand on our front porch, face our neighbor's American Flag and recite it loud and proud. From time to time I would think to myself "Why is this so important to you for the boys to know it like right now?" Well I figured it out when we were told to "All rise for The Pledge of Alligence." I smiled at God.

He knew, He knew. Now tell me that God isn't cool!

It was such a wonderful time. We stayed for the whole meeting. Bo and I want to bring the boys back to some more meetings. It was just so cool.


bree said...

great pics! God is so very cool:)

Sarah A. said...

What a neat experience for all of you! I'll bet you'll remember that for quite awhile. Thanks for the pics, too!