Today is his birthday

Today my oldest boy turns 11. Wow. Really? Eleven?

The past few months I have been able to see the struggle of a young man's journey. Part of him wants to play with Lego's and light sabers. The other part is diving into good books and discussing the Fall of Man.

My heart is overwhelmed by him. I catch myself watching him. Just watching in amazement at how much he looks like his father. It tickles me when he catches the jokes that are meant for older audiences. Nothing bad of course. The way Matthew can rationalize with me or speak of things that I don't even get (LOL) just blesses my heart.

Matthew, you are a great kid. I'm having a hard time today putting into words how wonderful you are. But trust me, you are amazing and smart, funny and charming, loyal and trustworthy. Really so much more.

Happy Birthday my boy!
Love forever,


Anonymous said...

Hey Terri! Hope the birthday boy had an awesome day! Blessings!

Tina said...

So hard to believe Matthew is 11. I remember when.... :)

Embracing my cup said...

I had to come say hi! I love to read other boy mama's blogs!! I know that my oldest (he'll be 6 in 2 weeks) will be 11 before I know it!! Time flies! And, thanks for letting us all know about the online library. I have never heard of such! I'll have to check it out! Oh, and good luck with your move!

Maricar said...

It's funny how for us moms birthdays are such a great time to pause, reflect, reminisce, and realized how blessed we truly are. Hugs to you, dear friend.